Lay the Foundations to Build Your Career

Starting a career begins well before you get your first job — it begins with training. With us, you'll lay solid foundations for your career and benefit from over 40 years’ experience through our Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

You'll also get:

  • Year-round enrolments available
  • Industry-qualified and experienced trainers and assessors
  • Flexible training options tailored to your needs
  • State-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities in Melbourne and Gippsland

Whether you’re just embarking on your journey into the workplace, you need to expand your skillset or you’re looking to pivot in your career — we tailor the training to suit your experience levels and goals.


Group Training Organisations (GTOs) play a key role in the Apprenticeship and Traineeship system. They create structured and supportive paths to help people get into the workforce. They also assist businesses by managing the training and administrative aspects of employing apprentices and trainees. A GTO employs apprentices and trainees, taking on the full responsibilities of an employer, including the payment of wages and management of entitlements. This arrangement allows businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about training and administrative responsibilities. They also help apprentices or trainees find suitable host employers to gain practical, on-the-job training. These hosts provide the necessary work environment and supervision, ensuring the training received is both relevant and of high quality. GTOs are held to high standards, often assessed against national standards to ensure they provide ethical, consistent and quality services.
A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is an accredited provider of Vocational Education and Training in Australia. They can offer nationally recognised training and certificates ranging from I to IV, diplomas and advanced diplomas to vocational graduate certificates and diplomas. To achieve and maintain registration, RTOs must adhere to strict standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This ensures high-quality training that meets the needs of both the industry and the workforce. As an RTO, we serve a diverse array of students, including school leavers, individuals seeking to upskill or reskill and those looking to re-enter the workforce. We offer a pathway to further education and employment, enhancing the practical skills and job-readiness of our students. RTOs ensure qualifications meet national standards and are relevant to employers. This helps individuals progress their careers and meets the skills needs of the Australian economy.
An accredited course is training that's been checked and approved by a regulatory body. This means it meets certain quality standards and is relevant to what people need in their jobs, schools or communities. In Australia, a government group called the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or a state regulator checks these courses. They make sure they follow the rules for VET Accredited Courses and the Australian Qualifications Framework. Accredited courses are developed to fill specific gaps in training that aren't covered by existing training qualifications. These courses meet national standards with valuable, quality-assured training that can lead to a Nationally Recognised Qualification. It also validates your qualifications to potential employers who are looking for skilled and competent workers. Other benefits include financial assistance and leads to occupational licensing or regulatory outcomes.
Non-accredited courses provide specific skills or knowledge that aid in professional development but don't count towards a formal qualification. These courses are designed to teach practical, useful skills that can improve job performance and are usually finished in a shorter time than accredited courses. These courses help people stay current with industry trends, learn new tech or gain specialised knowledge to advance their careers. Non-accredited courses let you build on existing knowledge, make more money by learning new skills, and meet and connect with other professionals. They also allow for flexible learning schedules, making it possible to study at your convenience without committing to the more rigid timelines that accredited courses require.
Vocational Education and Training Delivered to School Students (VDSS) allows Year 10, 11, and 12 students to gain valuable trade and industry training while completing their secondary studies. Best of all, it contributes towards the VCE/VM completion. Participating in the VDSS program with AGA offers many benefits for students who want to improve their career chances. When you complete your course, you'll get real-world experience in different industries. You'll also earn a Nationally Recognised Qualification - opening doors to further education and different career paths, like Apprenticeships and Traineeships. The program also helps you connect with potential employers and develop important skills for the workplace. To apply for the VDSS program, start by downloading the VDSS guide and selecting a course that aligns with your interests and career goals. Next, you should contact the VET Coordinator at your school who will then apply on your behalf through the VDSS Portal. Once your application is processed, our team will inform your school of the outcome.